Terms And Conditions

This study is about trying to find the best ways of delivering Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). In order to be part of the study, you need to read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

The study will follow a set process, which you will be agreeing to by signing up to the scheme. By you fulfilling all conditions set out in the study process, Road Safety Analysis, will agree to pay the full cost of your CBT.

Failure to complete all stages of the process will result in Road Safety Analysis retaining the £25.00 deposit that you will pay on booking your CBT through the RideFree website.

The reason for requesting a deposit is to protect the study from CBT students taking the free CBT and not providing the feedback required for the study.

The process required is not onerous:

  1. You must register on the RideFree website with the required details, and verify your email address to create a user account
  2. You must read and respond to any other emails sent to you before your CBT (these will be limited in number)
  3. You must complete a ‘pre-survey’, which will be sent to you by email
  4. Once eligible, you must book a CBT via the RideFree website, picking a date you can attend with the understanding that you may be required to attend a second date the following week, paying the £25 deposit
  5. You must attend and fully participate in your CBT
  6. You must complete a ‘post-survey’
  7. Road Safety Analysis will the return your £25 deposit

The surveys will involve some basic questions about you and your previous motorcycling experience; your thoughts on motorcycling and how people ride; and your impressions of the CBT once you have completed it. The surveys will not take more than 10 minutes to complete.

Surveys will not be analysed at the individual level and no personal data that could identify you will be used in analysis or any reporting of the results.

Any personal information that could identify you will be removed or changed before files are shared with study partners or results are made public.

All personally identifying information collected about you as part of the booking system will be destroyed once it is no longer needed for the study.

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