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What we will do with your information

After you register for the RideFree scheme we will hold some personal information about you. By registering, you agree that we can communicate with you with information relevant to the scheme.

We will store your information securely, never share it with other companies or agencies, and never use it for any other purpose.

If you contact us about your personal data, we will acknowledge this promptly and act on it in a reasonable timeframe. We have a procedure for doing this, and we will send you a copy of it on request. If you want to contact us about your data, please click here and tell us how we can help you.

If you ask us to, we will send you a copy of personal details we hold about you.

If you wish, you can direct us to remove your details from all our systems. If this is before you have completed the scheme then you should be aware that doing so will forfeit your right to a refund of your £25.00 deposit.

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